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Crypto Metrics

Accurate metrics are one of the most important weapons in a serious investor's arsenal. Future Money Wallet provides you with all the metrics you need - in one place.

Track 32 cryptos

There are more than 5,750 active cryptos being traded across 375+ exchanges. But we believe that only 32 cryptos are worth your time. Get access to detailed metrics and exclusive valuation reports for the top cryptos.

Crypto Valuator

Are your crypto investment decisions based on mathematical models or guesswork? If you said 'guesswork', you are not alone. Get exclusive access to the R.O.H.A.S. Crypto Valuator to value crypto assets using Revenue, Organization, History, Algorithm & Social parameters.

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Investing in multiple assets can cushion against volatility in a specific asset. Money Stacks are "bundles of assets" created by experts and backed by tons of research. Experts have designed 8 money stacks for you - Bitcoin Family Stack, Blockchain Stack, Privacy Stack and more.

Future Money Index

Most financial indexes are based on 1 market and 1 jurisdiction e.g. the US SPX 500 is based on the stock price of US publicly traded companies, while the London Metal Exchange Index comprises 6 metals. Future Money Index is the first of its kind index based on multiple assets from multiple money classes from multiple economies including metals, currencies, equities, and cryptos.

Wealth Tracker

It is essential for everyone to monitor their wealth constantly. And not just bank balances and stock investments, but their entire wealth. Future Money Wallet makes it easy for you to track all your wealth across all asset classes.

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Money Card

Cryptos are fast emerging as one of the best ways to make global and even domestic payments. But handling multiple crypto addresses can be a huge pain. And if someone mistakenly sends crypto to the wrong address, then the crypto is lost forever!

Money Cards make it easy to send crypto addresses to your clients. And you can track your balances in real time without needing to enter your private keys anywhere!

Crypto 101 Masterclass

Don't invest in crypto till you take the Crypto 101 Masterclass by Rohas Nagpal.

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