Algorand (ALGO)

ALGO is the native crypto of the Algorand Blockchain.

Algorand is a new-gen blockchain that is bridging the decentralized and centralized world of finance.

Algorand Standard Assets run on the blockchain's "Layer-1" and include fungible, non-fungible, restricted fungible, and restricted non-fungible assets.

Here's what we like the best about Algorand Standard Assets:

  • Role-based asset controls are supported for business, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
  • Asset accounts can be "quarantined" for investigations.
  • "Forced" asset transfers can be done for legal compliance.
  • Permissions can be configured so that only "whitelisted" addresses can transact.
  • Off-chain asset documentation can be included in the on-chain asset definition.
  • Users can "opt-in" to accept new assets.

Another feature we like in Algorand is "Rekeying in Layer-1", which enables a user to change their private key without changing the public address.


Algorand's Official Wallet enables holders to earn rewards simply by holding ALGOs.

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