Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer is a decentralized video streaming network built on Ethereum. Its native token is LPT.

Video streaming, especially live streaming, is very expensive because video has to be transcoded first. That's the process of reformatting a raw video file so that it can be viewed well on all devices and bandwidths.

Livepeer is a protocol for reducing transcoding costs up to 50x. This is achieved by peer-to-peer infrastructure which interacts through an Ethereum-based marketplace.

Orchestrators can earn fees by contributing CPU, GPU, and bandwidth for transcoding and distributing video. The Livepeer token (LPT) is required for this. The more LPT you hold, the more work you can perform and the more fees you earn.

LPT holders can also earn fees by staking their tokens towards orchestrators.

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